Kelly Benefits Exchange brings together all of your individual insurance needs.

Kelly Benefits Exchange is your one-stop shop for individual and family health insurance coverage. Through Kelly Benefits Exchange, you can get quotes, compare plans and purchase coverage online or by work with one of our experienced specialists.

Kelly Benefits Exchange is a product of Kelly Benefits, one of the largest and fastest-growing group insurance administrators, brokers and consultants in the United States, and a family-owned business. Kelly Benefits Exchange was created to serve you, the individual, with your personal insurance needs. Our commitment to excellence and customer service has earned the trust of the top insurance carriers in the industry, in turn ensuring you access to the best benefits and services available.

As the requirements related to health insurance coverage continue to develop, turn to Kelly Benefits Exchange. We are dedicated to ensuring that our clients receive the best health coverage products available at the best possible price.

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Health Care Reform mandates do not apply to citizens 65 or older. If you are 65 or older
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Kelly Benefits Exchange is your destination for Individual & Family Health Insurance Quotes.

We are here to serve the individual health insurance needs of you and your family as mandated by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). On this site you can purchase the right health insurance plan that meets your unique needs and budget as well as understand if you qualify for government assistance (also known as premium tax credits or a subsidy). 


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